Ripple Talk

At Ripple Effect Artists, we believe in building each other up and giving credit where credit is due. Taking charge of the future of our world is a more three-dimensional responsibility than it appears to be. It is not just about identifying the most pertinent social issues that need to be highlighted and discussed. It is also equally important to make a difference every single day by exhibiting kindness, compassion and empathy towards everyone we come in contact with. It is important to recognize that everyone who is chasing a dream is fighting inner demons of fear and insecurity every day. In a society where anything off the beaten track is considered a risk not worth taking, these people are giving a new name to courage. Thus, we think it is crucial to build each other up and encourage everyone to be the best version of themselves. Every. Single. Day.


That is why we have dedicated an entire section on Ripple Talk to shed the Spotlight on people whose work we admire and appreciate. This is a motley crew of people who work within Ripple Effect Artists or people who are involved in our productions across a range of disciplines such as acting, directing, writing and many more. We like to highlight why they are important to us, tell you a bit about them and other snippets that you might find interesting. If you love our work and were wondering how you could get more involved with Ripple Effect Artists, this page will be an excellent source of inspiration for how you can join this league of stars. So, read, share and be inspired by all those on this page!

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