Ripple Talk

Our theatre deals with uncomfortable topics, what we see but are often unable to vocalize, what we understand but are unable to articulate, and where and when we want to make a difference but don't know how. At Ripple Effect Artists, we watch the world around us through the lens of theatre, we observe all our successes, transformations, lessons and dare I say, failures. In watching the world through this unique lens, we see something that most people miss. We see the opportunity for change, the opportunity to make a difference and the opportunity to be a part of this age of consciousness. Our work was already on that track and now our Blog celebrates the same spirit.


This category “Ripple Effect Cares” will cover topics that are on our mind. It is a reflection of our hearts, our souls, and gives you insight into what kind of thinking powers our productions.  On this page you will read about what moves us and makes us think about what we hope to achieve. Some of these things may cause us to question our decision to talk about them and produce them. We won’t lie, some of these things also cause us to worry about the ugly facets of our society. Then, we go back to the one thought that has made us so successful so far “What can we do about it?” and that is precisely when change begins. It is exactly in this question where the difference begins. When we begin to ask ourselves why we care, how do we show we care and how will that make a difference. In the simple act of reading this page, you are joining this journey and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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