Ripple Talk

You have never seen an Editorial desk like ours! It is not just an Editorial & Opinion section where we cover topics that will drive the most traffic to us. We truly believe in using our voice to make a difference and as such our Editorial & Opinion desk covers topics that we truly care about. We state matters as we perceive them and do not mince our words, however, we believe in kindness and fairness. Our Editorial desk will always put out pieces that tackle difficult topics but we will examine everything from as many opposing points of view as we can understand. We believe in inclusive even of opinions that we may not share and imposing a kindness and fairness lens on them, helps us understand them even better.


We also do not strictly follow formats, we write articles to convey a message, not to fit the mould of the category. Thereby, our Editorial & Opinion section is a delightful mixed bag of many articles. One minute you could be reading our opinion on immigration, the next you will be reading a personal message by an artist who worked with us, and the very next minute you could be reading our personal views on racism. We like to push limits and never mind how traditional Editorial & Opinion sections format themselves, we like to do things our way!


We need all sorts of opinions in this world. We may not like all of them but everything that we do not like, makes us think. The opinions we do not like or agree with make us uncomfortable and discomfort is often where growth occurs. So, join us on this journey of exploring topics that make us uncomfortable, watch us grow, let us know what you think, write your own Opinion piece on our article and if you like what we have to say, share our articles with your friends and family!

How do we practise ethical and responsible immigration
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