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Once upon a time in 6th Century B.C., the devotional rituals to the God, Dionysus evolved into the disciple of ‘Theatre’. The word ‘Theatre’ traces its roots to the ancient Greek word “theasthai” which means ‘to behold’. The singing and dancing, offered to the God Dionysus evolved into playacting when Thespis engaged the chorus in a dialogue. As Aeschylus added a second actor, Euripides a third and the city of Athens introduced a three-day annual festival at the City Dionysia, the dramatic arts were formally born.


In creating three plays and a satyr for the annual festival, the disciplines of writers, directors, editors, singers, lighting experts, and numerous others involved in dramatic productions began to evolve. Today, this ancient art is available to us in private with the click on our televisions, iPads and iPhones or if we are in the mood to replicate life in ancient Greece then through street plays, cinemas and traditional theatre. Today, we have gone beyond the simple world of Greek tragedies, comedies and satyrs into a fabulous new realm where we combine several disciplines to create movies and short stories, immortalise the authenticity of life through documentaries and even create mini stories of our own days for social media platforms!


This page is dedicated to celebrating and exploring the ‘Art of Theatre’. This is where we pay homage to this amazing art form that fuels our days and runs in our veins. It is not enough for us to say that we love theatre but to show you what it means to us by analysing it through various the lenses of our written pieces. On this page, we will talk to you about why we need theatre, how it impacts our lives, lesser known aspects of theatre, how we use theatre to start discussions and how theatre can inspire action much more than any other medium.

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Theatre of Everything
Theatre Makes the Difference