Ripple Talk

As can be expected, the history of acting is closely related to the history of theatre. In 534 or 535 BC when Thespis surprised his audiences by performing poetry as if he were the characters himself, he gave birth to the Art of Acting. The Greeks invented the first acting schools and were the first civilization to bestow immense respect upon an actor. However, this outlook towards performers was not observed everywhere. You may be surprised to learn that in ancient Rome, actors were not as highly regarded. In fact, most Romans were not allowed to perform on stage and anyone who defied the law would lose their civil rights.


Through the ages, the attitudes towards the Art of Acting have varied between the two examples quoted above, here at Ripple Effect Artists we love Theatre and Acting unconditionally. So much so, that we have created this page to talk about ‘Acting Methods’. We recognize that we have a wealth of experience in our organization with ‘Acting Methods’ and as such we have something to say on the subject. We have explored these methods intricately, adapted them to our needs, combined them as needed, and most importantly done so much with them subconsciously that in exploring our experiences with them, we have developed a fantastic narrative on each.


We believe that there are a number of means to an end and as such no one acting method will work for everyone. We also recognize that acting is an evolving art, you may need to adapt your method everyday not just in relation to your assignment but also in relation to how you are feeling. On this page, we will explore all these ‘Acting Methods’, share our personal experiences with these, explore how these may have translated across the globe and basically take you on a super fun ride about ‘Acting Methods’!

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