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Theatre for Social Impact 

Welcome to Ripple Talk! This is where you read more about what we do, our mission and how we are affecting societal change. We love what we do and we love to talk about what we do, so for all you thought-leaders out there, we have created this blog where you can pick your daily read from our various content categories!


Our articles are informative, thought provoking and occasionally uncomfortable….for we do not just intend to please, we intend to be at the forefront of change. We believe that most people care about the issues our society is facing, be it domestic violence, mental health, human trafficking, human rights violations etc., but they do not know where to begin to get involved. Our productions do just that, they highlight social issues in the most relatable and impactful manner and provide our audience with a concrete set of actions they can take to create their own impact.  


……….For all those times in between, you can read Ripple Talk! Reading inspires thought and thought inspires action! So, be inspired, take action and come with us on this extremely fulfilling journey!

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